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ACTIVE TRACK is a new security device manufactured by EBS, which integrates a GPS receiver and a quad band GSM/GPRS phone for two-way voice communication.
This functional advanced device can be applied indoor and outdoor due to A-GPS service, which supports GPS signal from satellites by GSM/GPRS.

Active Track has been designed as a modern, high technology, but also easy in use device, that has a lot of application and brings a variety of benefits for its users.

  • Battery working time – 24 hours
  • Handy
  • Sabotage notification
  • Waterproof and shock resistant casing
  • Built-in accelerometer

The device can be used both by commercial and private users: in logistics companies, security and fire services, parole system, child protection, senior and patient care.


1. Two-way voice communication device

Can be used as a cell phone, user can call directly the previously programmed number or send signal via GPRS to monitoring station with a request for reply. It is also possible to receive calls with Active Track.

2. Personal protection system

PANIC button enables sending alarm signals – data and voice transmission in case of an emergency situation – lone worker protection.ACTIVE TRACK 13_1

3. MAN-DOWN motion sensor for fall detection

Fully automated notification about the life-threatening situation.
It is also possible to configure positions and angels – tilt detection Active Track can send an alarm signal if the position/angle is outside the defined range.

4. A-GPS (Assisted GPS)

Allows both outdoor & indoor tracking; help by delivering satellite data such as accurate time and satellite status to the GPS receiver. This aiding data enables a GPS receiver to compute a position within seconds, even under poor signal conditions. It helps in emergency situations and in rough environments.

5. Geo Fencing

Tracking and monitoring position of GPS users with automatic alarm signal if the user crosses the boundary of the determined zone. Effective solution for child protection.

6. Tamper detection alert

Excessive shock detection – notification about all attempts to mechanically destroy the device.
Tamper switch – protection against opening the device by unauthorized person.

7. On-line, real time tracking and history

On-line internet application for tracking GPS location.

8. Large memory capacity

Built-in memory for registering up to 2000 events in history; allows collecting of information about alarm signals, voice/sms connections and the route registered by GPS.

9. Programming buttons for sending SMS alarmACTIVE TRACK 9
10. Can be extended with new functionalities
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